Frequently Asked Questions


1. When is the Purchase Period?

This Promotion applies to purchases made between 12:00AM AEDST on 09/10/2019 until 11.59pm AEDST on 20/11/2019.

2. When is the Entry Period?

Claims for this Promotion open at 12:00AM AEDST on 09/10/2019 and will close at 11.59pm AEDST on 27/11/2019.


3. Who can enter?

Entry is open to Australian residents

You are not eligible to enter if you are an employee of the Promoter or its related corporations or agencies, or a participating store, or a member of such an employee’s immediate family.

4. Do I need to keep my receipt?

Yes. Please retain your receipt to enter the promotion. You will need your receipt to validate.

5. Which retailers are participating in the promotion?

Woolworths only


6. How do I enter?

a) During the Purchase Period, purchase any product from three (3) separate participating brands in a single transaction from any Woolworths supermarket in Australia

b) Retain your original purchase receipt;

c) Send an SMS to 0409 113 515 containing the word “FOXTELNOW”. SMS entry cost will vary dependent on the mobile network used but will not exceed 55c.;

d) Visit and follow the prompts to access the online claim form for this Promotion, input the requested details (including, but not limited to, your first name, last name, email address, registered mobile phone number, full purchase receipt number and Unique Code), upload a scanned copy or photo of your purchase receipt (you can take a photo on your smart phone) and submit the fully completed claim form so that it is received during the Claim Period (Eligible Claim).

7. Why do I have to send an SMS?

This is a part of the validation process to ensure that there is only one claim per person.

8. How many times can I enter the promotion?


9. Who do I contact if I have technical issues with the website?

Please use the contact us page on the website for further assistance.

10. I purchased my products online. Can I still enter?

Yes. Online receipts are also valid for entry.

11. Do I have to enter all the mandatory details?

Yes - incomplete or indecipherable entries will be deemed invalid.

12. I don’t want to enter via the website. Is there any other way I can enter?

No, the website is the only method of entering the Promotion. We will not accept any other forms of entry (e.g. post, email, fax and phone).

13. What brands are involved?

Meadowlea, Praise, Wonder White, Lawson’s, ETA sauce, Pampa’s

14. Can I purchase 3 products from the same brand?

The requirement is to purchase at least 1 product from each of the participating brands.


15. How can I tell if my prize has been validated?

If you your claim is valid, you will receive an EDM within 1 – 3 days with your code embedded.

16. Where do I put my code once it’s validated?

Please visit once you have received your code.

17. When will I receive my prize?

After entering your code and going through the prompts, you will be able to enjoy Foxtel for free for 2 months.

18. Why do I have to add my credit card details?

You are signing up for a subscription with the introductory 2 months free. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time free of charge.